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Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the pictures from the Dining Out. There really are NOT 198 photos. I have uploaded most of them in BOTH color AND black and white. So it makes it look like I took a lot more pictures. The B&W are loaded in the same order after the color photos.

DSC_3031- B&WDSC_3031-1DSC_3032- B&WDSC_3032-2DSC_3035- B&WDSC_3035-3DSC_3038- B&WDSC_3038-4DSC_3039- B&WDSC_3039-5DSC_3040- B&WDSC_3040-6DSC_3043- B&WDSC_3043-7DSC_3045- B&WDSC_3045-8DSC_3046- B&WDSC_3046-9DSC_3048- B&WDSC_3048-10